Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly

So what did you do in the holidays?
So what I did in the holidays I went to my cousins birthday and we went to Burger King then after that we went to the bowling at Panmure.

I was excited when I got there, and he was turning ten also He brought his friends to but it was fun playing games there.But my favorite game was the basketball game But my second game that was my favorite thing there was laser strike because I shot this guy but I didn’t know his name because we had team’s. And my team was with my cousins also it  was a little bit boring. Because I didn’t get to shoot them but I had to just walk around the whole thing.

But my second thing that’s was my favorite in the holidays was, my rugby game on Saturday and we vs the mangere east team, and it was raining so hard that I couldn’t feel my hands but we won and, it was 5 to us and 2 to them. But I didn’t get a try  but I got  bump off to this guy but he fell then I got tackled. Then after that I went to my cousins house and I to have ashour.

My third favorite thing was my sister’s birthday her name is Tina and she was turning sixteen and she invited her friend's over and I had to go and get some food. For her and we got a chocolate forest cake and it was so so sweet with ice cream and it was and. I started to getting full for eating so much that I felt that I was fat like a Elephant with big ears.

But I hope I would do more better things then last week because it is so boring because I just went to my rugby game and went to my cousin's birthday at the lazer tag game at panmure because I had just walk around the hall.

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