Friday, 24 April 2015

Anzac Day

WALT: explain and find the missing words for a paragraph about ANZAC

Fill in the missing spaces:

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly

Have you been to the Panmure pools 4 times in the holidays before?
In the holidays I went to the pools in Panmure with my friends from my brothers Tisa rugby team  and friend was Olivia also Jacob. We played some rugby in the pools  . Also we played shark attack and I was the shark because I was the oldest  one was playing. After that we played some ball rush then I had to be in because I was the last one to get in the front. Then after that we went and got an feed from the fish and chips shop in Pt.england.  I had big fish to eat all by myself, I was hungry!. Then we had to go 4 times to the pools with my friends  because they wanted us to go again.

Then I felt cold when I got out. Then we went to the park and we played some games. And on the first day of the holiday`I had the biggest that I ever had in my life was from my dad in Easter.And I had been eating it by myself in my room and. I had chocolate around me and I was full. Then I couldn't eat any more and also I had an sore tummy and. It was so so so so nice and I felt like no more eat for me. Then I had chocolate around my face and then I got in trouble for eating it all by myself. In my room and it was so fun eating it all by myself in my room and nice.

So what I did so I done in the holidays in the second week. Was going to my first game in my rugby game in my rugby clubs field and. We vs the Mt rich men then.Then we started at 10 o’clock then  my cousin T.J fend off two. Or three people and he got the first try in the first half so in our team. Then this other person could Bevron he got three trys for us and. Then the Mt rich men got no tries then when. The game was finished we won against them then when its was finish. we had drink and chips from our leader for rugby.

So what I what for next year for easter is getting an bigger easter egg then this year. And this year it was so because it was so so fun in the holidays. And also fun because I had my first game. Against the Mt rich men and it was sad that they lost by my team. And the points was 36 and 0 36 for my team and 0 for them .

Monday, 20 April 2015

Term 2 Inquiry Tinkering, Tools,Toys

This term our topic is all about Technology. We are trying to solve a problem that relates to our everyday life at school. We are going to create a game that we are during rainy days at school.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2015

Gest what have you ever been to a school camp before?
Last week on Wednesday to Friday we had school camp.And the camp was at the a half of  the school field.And it was the year 5 and 6 at school  And my favorite thing was kayaking at the Point england beach. And my buddy for my double kayak was William and we collisions to the rocks then we got stuck in the middle. Then next my other buddy was Simon and we hit a rock then we went back into the sea and this lady helped us.

And my second favorite thing was the camp cooking with Miss Tito for the boys and Mrs Jarman for the girls in the baking room.  the boys were cooking outside on the school field near the long tall trees.We cooked corn fritters and the girls cooked chocolate chip cookies. The boys made was corn fritters and it look like an egg with corn, it was so cool.  I had the biggest fritters out of all the boys.

The other activity I liked was Get Lost. It was a challenge between Matapono E and the True Crew. It is like the amazing race and you have to read the question or task in the box thats yellow,black,red and do the stuff that it said to do. I had to dress like a Samoan girl with a lava lava and green fake short hair and other get face painted and take a three photos.

Then on Thursday we had an dancing groups and Mr J has to choose who won the dancing groups. Then the Matapono E group had to dance first and we done uptown funk by Bruno Mars and I felt so awesome then next. Group and think that came after us was the All stars and the song they done was good feeling and I think it was so much better then Matapono E so my group. Then the next that was after All stars was the Commitments and there song was Moves like Jagger and I like Samoa’s dance move because and it was so cool. Then my favorite favorite one was  Honest Squad because and they song was Kung Fu Fighting and it was so fun.

School Picnic

Guess what have you ever had a picnic with whole school before?
So my whole school went last week on Friday to the Point england beach so at the Point england reserve. So my first sport I played was rugby with my friends and it was fun and also not fair because they had a year 7 and we had all year 5.

But my next fun thing was playing with the clay with Toni then I had my hands dirty with clay on my t-shirt to and some on my shorts and it looks kaka on me thats is gray. Then my second favourite part of the picnic was playing cricket then I hit the ball hard as I can when I bat it friends. So my third thing I liked was the karaoke and I sang with Toni and he didn’t know the words of let go and it was fun singing with him.

So my least favourite part of the picnic was not swimming because the year 5 to the year 8 get to do bombing on top on the rocks. And I never get to swim because I forgot my swimming togs and Mrs Burt got to do bomb to and it was cool. Then he done a big splash and I thought if I went I would done an bigger splash than him so Mrs Burt.

I would like to have next year picnic would be so much fun then this year because this year it was not that fun. Alone are little because I alone like the game of rugby I played with my friends and we lost because they had an year 7 also year 6 and we had alone year 5 in our team. But they where not are loud to play with but they just played with us.