Wednesday, 25 October 2017

My Time At Point England School In Team 5

Have you ever been a senior student in Pt England? In Jan 31, 2017 is the day I started as a Year 7 in team 5. S.T.S is our school motto and I attend on making that come true.
Today we are doing Explanation writing about being apart of Point England school in team 5 (Year 7 and 8). I really liked being a part of in Team 5 because next year we will be leaders in pt england school.  
In term 1 everyone had to meet inside the hall. and when that was finish and us year 7’s went into the team 5 street and talked about what class we were in, and the class I was in was Room 5 with Mrs Ilaoa. and I (am a) little shy because I only have two friends and it was (is) Ajani and Justus  in my class.
In point England School we have sports that (we can) participate in. (and) we also have swimming in term 2 for every student in the whole school. And we also have morning tea and we play until 11 30 and 11 o’clock is our bell for eating and 11:30 is when we go back to class and then we learn for 1 hour.
In team 5 we have Morning Assembly at 8:30 and in each day each class does the mihi and the karakia.Also we have technology for short is tech what it is when year 8’s go to tamaki and do carving and hard material and also cooking and also graphics. But year 8’s in term  in week 2 they go to camp for 3 days.

So we have come to the end of my writing I will continue to finish it off properly in all areas of my learning to be able to strive to succeed.  

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Musical Madness

This Morning we had an Immersion Assembly and the theme for this term was Musical Madness. And team one was playing snap and also playing music in the background and they also act out the song they were playing to in the background the song I could remember was Happy and also everything is awesome in the lego movie and also the ANZAC song.

Team 2 Also sang a song  and the song was (In The Jungle) also Mrs Gaston was singing and jumped in was Miss Peck with the little toy and I think little small balls inside it that made noise so then. Ms Tumahai was playing the Xylophone and it sounded cool so then Mrs Nalder was playing little drums and they played it altogether and they are learning to make there own song with there instruments.

Team 3 made a short video they made a video of song in real life like instead of talking normally to each other the sang to each other with the song they liked and my favorite part in that video was Ms Eadie and Mr Moran sang the work song by fifth harmony and Mr Moran sang the work song from rihanna.

Team 4 was my favorite video and what they did was Mr Goodwin and all of the team 4 teachers was songs inside a car and my favorite part I liked was the last bit with Mr Jacboson  listening to cool song but I don't know what it is called and it was a cool video.

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

This week Room 5 was learning Addition and Subtraction Word problems The one I liked from the slides was Reversibility and the one i thought that was hard was Equal Additions.