Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Mount Maunganui again named best beach in NZ, fourth best in South Pacific

So Mount Maunganui is number 1 in top 10 for the best beach and also based in New Zealand, it is also fourth in the south pacific. And it was the best for over six years in a row. Mount Maunganui attracts Tourism because the looks of it and comes for the view of mount maunganui and the near by hotel papamoa. Mount Maunganui is the best vacation beach resort in Auckland. It was awarded for the best beach in the country from"TripAdvisor's Travellers".Reading to this story It is important for may be that for the tourist to NOT! damage it  because it easy for them to like throw there rubbish around or stuff like that and they should respect it so may be it can come seven years or even more to come or more tourism to come at look and visit   Image result for Mount maunganui beach

                                                   Mount Maunganui