Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Turei's Two Dollar's

So Turei had two dollars and said he was going to put it on the windowsill so it could be safe then. When he went to sleep an owl could silently got the two dollars and he drop it then the Weta came took it but he saw the Kiwi because he was hungry for the Weta. Then the Kiwi grabbed it and he thought it was food then he lift it on the on the ground  then Kiore the Mouse just grabbed it and he was just holded it like he was holding a pet. Then along came the cat and he just try to eat him the Mouse then the said if I give you this coin would you let me go then the Mouse started to run away. Then Cat had it then he was near Turei’s house and he thought it was food then it went back to Tarei’s house in the windowsill then Turei said I told you it would be safe there.
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Walt: Order and retell the story again in your own words.

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