Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Geometry T3W6

What I learn't was geometry and what we did was 2D and also 3D and we had to do the side view and the top view also the front view.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Geometry Writing

Today Room 5 was talking about Geometry and we had to make a rocket ship with the little cubes but we had to have 12 or 10 and.Had to do 2D also we had to do to buddy up with someone and I was with Justus and what. We had to do was one person is to draw a 2D rocket ship and the other person is to try and make it with the cubes also we had to take a photo from the top the bottom view and the side view.

Speech On Friday

On Friday Team 5 and Team 3 came together and there was 15 students that came and shared there speech to everyone and the person that said her speech was Amelia and her speech was about her nana and her mother and Amelia Nana was the cleaner at a school in. Pakuranga and it is called Riverina and her nana always smile at Amelia when she sees her.Also Amelia told us that her nana had passed way and my favorite speech was Roimata's cause she was talking about legends in her culture the Cook islands.