Monday, 12 August 2019

Cooking With Mrs Tuipulotu

                                                                         (Fried Rice)
Step1 - Whisk 3 eggs and Fry it as a scramble egg when it cooked dice it into small strip.
Step2 - Dice the ham
Step3 - Fry onion for 3mins with butter, add Rice, Scramble Eggs, Ham and soya sauce

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Mount Maunganui again named best beach in NZ, fourth best in South Pacific

So Mount Maunganui is number 1 in top 10 for the best beach and also based in New Zealand, it is also fourth in the south pacific. And it was the best for over six years in a row. Mount Maunganui attracts Tourism because the looks of it and comes for the view of mount maunganui and the near by hotel papamoa. Mount Maunganui is the best vacation beach resort in Auckland. It was awarded for the best beach in the country from"TripAdvisor's Travellers".Reading to this story It is important for may be that for the tourist to NOT! damage it  because it easy for them to like throw there rubbish around or stuff like that and they should respect it so may be it can come seven years or even more to come or more tourism to come at look and visit   Image result for Mount maunganui beach

                                                   Mount Maunganui 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Fire in room 4

Today in our literacy class we were testing tea bag to make it fly
and how to it is you get a tea bag and also cut both sides of the ends and then tip out the tea leaves out. And then make the tea bag that is empty and then make it stand up and then also burn it with the lighter and then light it up (and also be careful with it or let an adult) and then it will fly up.
Here is a video of the (tea bag Rocket)

Monday, 26 November 2018

Lady Pink

Image result for lady pink facts
                                                                          Lady Pink
Lady Pink uses the element of shape in her art to express her passion for Graffiti.
Lady Pink uses the element of color to express her colors and spread her main message about
Women Rights Lady Pink also uses the element of texture to  fade in colors to promote a message in
her head.She has focused on empowering woman, using graffiti and also murals as acts of rebellion and

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Maths tests questions

                  We have been learning about fraction, lengths, distance and also number line.
                                          And we were practising for our test.