Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Duffy Theatre

Guess what  in Pt England we on Tuesday we had the duffy show in the hall and there were three character names a Tavita and Simon also Ruby. So what Tavita was acting was a baby and also a soldier. And Simon was Duffy Ruby was playing an old lady and she doesn't know how to read. So Simon  had an time trying to save Ruby dad because he fighting in the army and he died so then Duffy had an timemasion and he went. Back to 1945 and went to the place Ruby dad’s was fighting and so Duffy saved him and then Ruby got to read.    

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  1. Kosini
    What a great choice to write about the Duffy Theatre and post about it. We don't have the Duffy Theatre here in Taranaki so that would be something that we could look into having our interest created by your writing. One of the things that we wanted to know was the word 'timemasion' in your writing. It created a bit of discussion because at first we weren't sure if you meant time machine but then someone suggested that you had written the special word that was maybe part of the performance. It sounded enjoyable and exciting to us.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki