Friday, 14 October 2016

PES Olympics 2016

On Thursday our school had our own Olympics and I was in the Brazil team and our first game we played was scatter ball and it was one my best game because you have try and throw as far as you can and the other team we played was South Africa and we won and the points was 8 to 6 and we were all happy and my favourite part at the Olympics was the doge ball we kept wining against Ireland and on the end we were second and fiji was first.

Hiwi the Kiwi

Once upon time in 1998 there were two boys and also there names were Javan and Richard that went fishing, without an adult and no lifejacket and there was an huge rock that they bumped into.

So then one of them so Richard was drowning inside the water and Javan couldn’t do anything so then Javan had. To find an lifejacket to so he didn’t find one so then he had to swim to go and save him before he die into the water and then he just saved him from dieing inside,’’ the sea but then they all were safe so then they both found an lifejacket and then they were happy and they went back to fishing.

So then Javan was saying this to Richard so he said I heard that if you see an albatross just relaxing on top of the sea is were there is lots of fish just swimming around so then they went to go and see if there were  any fish in the bottom of the albatross so when they went to it and then they went to it and there. a lot of fish there but they had nothing to wet them with so then they had to wack them but they still didn’t fly away so then they went back home.