Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Friday, 20 May 2016

The Fab Four

Meet the Incredible Future MAN! He is half alien and half human he can tell the future and also he so fast and super strong that he can Smash! John Cena. So how he got his powers So Incredible Future Man he was an little boy and he couldn’t find his in Auckland in Pt England so then there was. Alien's dark in at night so then they were putting this incheckshin so then he went back were he was. And then he started to know that he knew that he the Future so then started to call him Incredible.

So he had an job to save the world the highest he saved was only like 100 people the first time he saved an person was there was an person and he was crossing the road. So then walking and there was car that was going super fast so then he used his super speed and then he tackled him on  the path so that was his first day he had saved an person.

So then John the Incredible Future MAN so then his step family came to visit him but everyone  scared so then the FBI’s came. To shoot them so they shot one them so then John went very angry so then he got so evil so then he and his step family destroy U.S.A The End.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Friday, 6 May 2016

Immersion Assembly Recount

Pow!! Smash!! Yes that’s right we are doing comic ART!!!!!
Team 4 is studying about  comic art Wow!!!!! And it was in first day of term 2 on monday and  my favorite team video was but one team didn’t do an video. There were acting and that was team 5 but my favorite was team 1.

And my favorite video was team 4’s and there video was about avengers but it was an parody and it was the teachers and their name was.And also there crew is the teacher vengers but there was an bad bear. And his name is Bear Baxendine then he went to. Go and steal Bobby Jon’s!!!!  Chromebook hahaha so then he took it then Amateur Hero’s so then they saw Bear Bax with Bobby Jon’s. Chromebook so they went to go destroy him but Bear bax got them down so then they needed help an then. Teacher Vengers!!!!!! And the leader was Team Leader America!! And he is the Best also Wondering Woman then last superhero was Bat Guy So then they went Thwak!! Boof!!! Pow! So then Bat guy took the last hit Boom!!!! So it was prison time the End.

What was my second favorite play was team 5’s because it was a little bit funny because there was race and the team’s were Hokule’a so my team the best. Te Aurere Hine Moana and also Hikianalia so then Miss Clark was the person that says ready set go. So then the race had started so then were going and the red and the yellow one were coming last but. Hokule’a and Hine Moana so then there coming a tie and then Hokule’a my team they came first so yeah.

How did feel in immersion Assembly it was boring because I thought it will be fun but it wasn’t.