Friday, 31 March 2017

T1W9 - Fractions

What I learn't today was fraction and we did witch one is bigger and what I didn't it hard on the first one because all we had to do was witch one was bigger and I will give you an example and we did witch one is greater than 2/6 , 3/10 and I did 2/6 > 3/10.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

T1W9 Multiplication Pyramid

What I learn't was times tables and and what we did was 9 x 2 = 18 and 9 x 4 = 36 and that multiply them till the top.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Polynesian Poly Fest 2017

Have you been to Poly fest?
Poly fest is Were People from Tamaki college and other schools from the west auckland and the Eastside. And there is Maori,Tonga,Samoa, Niue and the Cook island also they perform  and they dance on the stage or they do the haka.

What activity there was when you put the right rubbish in the right bin and you pick up a option and. You put in the right bin and the other activity I did is stop and look left and right before you cross the road and we got a prize each.

My favorite part at the polyfest was when I went to get a moko and it so cool that we went to the maori stage and it was the best haka I saw. Also our group got to drink otai and it was the best drink I ever drank in my life.

What I learnt at the polyfest was not to tip water inside the pot if it is in fire or it will get bigger. And also burn your whole house and also you have to close the lid to make the fire not to burn your and that is what I learnt at polyfest.

I also had had fun at the polyfest and my favorite stage that I liked to go is tongan stage cause I like it when they do the kailo and my favorite school that does kailo is Wesley college cause they have the best I ever seen.