Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Walking Animation

Kosini Omaru Creek from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Here is my animation that I have made using hyperstudio. It is of me walking around the Omaru Creek.

Isobel's Garden

WALT: Read and explain tricky words by using the pictures and thinking about what makes sense
Have learned about the Earthquake in Christchurch and what happen in Isobel's garden and it was a mess then then these boys went to tell there mum and say to her a we a loud to clean the old lady garden.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Hokulea and Hikianalia Powhiri

So Yesterday on the 25 March so on Wednesday and all the Manaiakalani school went to Point england reserved. Because these hawaiian people from the Hokulea and Hiki and lia Powhiri in a waka and had to sing to them with all the schools that came to the point england beach and the first song all the schools then we done the haka tautoko then the sang the e Honore then the nag waka. And we had to go there because the was an waka that was made and it was so hot and I almost died in the ground lie down the grass then had to go down the sand and hi five them and we had to run across to they end.Then other schools came after us when we came back to school for lunch. And it felt like I had sunburn from the sun when I came back.


Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Green Dragons

WALT: Retell the story in your own words

Answer the following questions:

1. What are two reason why Annie couldn’t play for the Green Dragons?
   Because Annie was to small to play football with is brother for the Green Dragons.

2. What are two things Annie did when she watched from the sideline?
So Annie was shouting out loud and running with the person that has the ball.

3. What did Annie’s dad to do help Sam and Dylan practise?
It was passing with Annie and Dylan and practise because they lost two times for the Green Dragons

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


WALT: explain in our words what honesty means and describe what it looks like
What I have been learning about was being honest to people also teachers and doing the Point england way so you can be so good to people and they could be friend for ever and play at the playground.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

1 Day until Camp

WALT: think ahead about camp and share what you are looking forward to.
Guess What?The year 5 and year 6 have school camp starts tomorrow. And my team is Matapono E and my leader is Machelle and Alf. So our sport we a doing tomorrow is the Table tennis/also Basketball/ then skating at 9:30 to 11:00. So I think if I play the Amazing Race on thursday and the most I might like is Camp cooking tomorrow on Wednesday so I could cook and that might be the best for me so I could learn how to cook when I am an older kid and cook for people that I look after at home like my mum.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Problems Solve

 WALT: solve number problems
So Matthew has to sell 75 bars of chocolate enough money to pay for his school camp. He has sold 38 so far. How many more chocolate bars does he need to sell for school camp. So I think it 37 so How I number solve it was how 70-30=40 then he taken away the 8-5=3 then 3-40=37 then the answer is 37 then Matthew has 37 bucks.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Omaru Creek

WALT: Explore and map the Omaru creek
On Tuesday we room eight went to go and see what dose it look like in the creek and what is what is the trees a could. So room eight was thinking what is it like in the creek is it in the long time ago when I wasn't there. And this year it has gone more dirty and I was think if I could clean it so it can go back to a long time ago. And I found more rubbish more trees and more Harakeke and two insects.

Problem Two

                                WALT: solve number problems
So Lisa has 28 red marbles and Peter has 49 yellow marbles. How many marbles do they have between them. So I think it is 77 because 20+40=60 then 9+8=17 and then if you put it altogether then the answer is 77.

Advice Column for Alex

Walt: Find the problem in the story and offer solutions to fix the problem
Have you seen a big spider in your room before?
So this girl could Alex had an big spider like seen it in your room before. So when the spider was in her room she was so much scared of it and if I had a spider in my room I went and call my mum to come and take it and back to Alex so Alex went to her she told her how to take it out with an jar and a paper. So Alex went and caught it with the jar on top and slide the paper under it.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

River Talks

write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

have you went to Omaru creek to see what does the creek looks like before?
So yes I have so last week on thursday we room eight,room seven, room six went to Omaru creek to see and what is going to do. And we had to go there because they where telling us what dose it look like in the sea and this lady she told us if it is warm and then it was warm because there where lots of rubbish and it was dirty. Then what was in the  creek was rubbish and what does it look like in the creek is dirty and then I thought I would clean it up so it can’t be any dirty stuff and also wonderful. Than some other schools came to like college kids and one more school but I don’t know what it is and it was blue and yellow.