Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Exponents Followup Week 2 Term 3

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Walt: Use more than one strategy to solve number problems
What I learn't at class was place value and Reversibility and I had to work out 82 take away something equals 54 then I thought about it then made 28 and how I got it was 54+28=82 then I done a other strategy was 50+20=70 then I done 8+4=12 then I add it altogether them it made 82. Then I had to solve a other problem and I had to solve it question was 84 take away something equals 19 then I thought about that it was 65 and how I got it was 65+19=84 then I had to do a other strategy and it was 60+10=70 then I done 9+5=14 then I add them  altogether then it made 84.

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  1. You show a clear understanding of two different strategies to attack number problems. Well done Kosini!