Saturday, 20 February 2016


Once upon a time in 1914 it was the first world war in Auckland in Mount Wellington volcano and it was New Zealand against Turkey and also. And there was an a little boy could Ben and he is 11 year’s old.  Ben’s dad was in the New zealand army and Ben dad’s name was John so. Ben’s dad died by gun shot then Mount wellington was started to erupt so then everybody died so the. So then Turkey took over the New zealand mount in Auckland in mount wellington so then it came up to 1981 Ben was in  the army and he was like his dad.

So then Ben was fighting against Turkey in 1939 it was world war 2 in Rangitoto and it was so dark so then Ben was lost. From his friends so then he sniped in his leg so he couldn’t walk that much so then the volcano nearly erupt so than most his friends and the. Enemies died to cause how it was shaking like an earthquake so then when the volcano was erupting everybody in the army and all so the enemies. Died but not Ben he survived even when he has a broken leg.

So then he got married and he had two kids and they were one boy and his name was.Toni so then Toni’s dad went to world war 3 and it was in 1990 and Ben’s leg was better so then they got some backup and it was in Mt Smart so. He had a trip to Mt Smart and they was fighting against japan in auckland so. Then so his arm got shot by his own army friends because it was an accident because he was in front of him so then Mt smart was going to erupt  so then halve of the people. Died but not Toni’s dad was still alive so then somebody shot him so then he died so then he couldn’t go back to his family.
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So then Toni was in it to so then they were fighting in 2010   and they were fighting against turkey and it was in Mt Eden and it was in auckland. So when they were fighting it was going to erupt so then they. Nearly died even the whole place so then Toni’s house was broken down and his mum and his sister died and. the volcano was erupted but Toni was still alive and he went home and he found. Out so then he cried and that's the end of my story.

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