Monday, 2 July 2018

War Heroes?

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  1. Malo e lelei, Kosini. It's Reagan here from Totara 3.

    I really enjoyed the quality of this post. The video at the start of the slide was a great introduction for the post so that your viewers sort of had a bit of an understanding of what the posts was going to be about!! I also liked how you added the links on the photos instead of just with the text.
    However, next time you might want to make the font clearer by enlarging the text a bit and maybe changing the colour.

    I really like to read war based books, so when I read this post it reminded me of a few books that I had read. Do you like to read war books, too? A term or so ago, our teacher read us the book Once by Morris Gleitzman (that was an awesome book!!). Have you ever read that book/series?

    Well done on presenting an awesome blog post!!

    Noho ora mai,