Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble!

One day it was 1972 and they were little boy they keep having an big fight at home and they always got into trouble so then when they were older like in 1992 they mother and they father died and they. Had to live by themselves and Thor was 19 and Loki was older then them and he was 21 years old and then they quit fighting and then they invented they own superpowers and they. Were so angry at each other that they wanted to kill each other and they used they there powerful suit to them.

So then when Loki was 31 and Thor was 29 they were fighting and then they were fighting and busting down the whole city of New York and everybody was so scared. So then they called the FBI and also the whole army of U.S.A and they were trying to shoot down the whole robots that Loki invented and they were to many of them to kill but Thor needed help to kill Loki. But Loki was to strong because he had to much back up and Thor had no back up all he had was his strong lightning hammer.

Part three will come out at 2031 and what will happen is that everybody died  but Loki and Thor was still alive to be continued…..  


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