Friday, 20 May 2016

The Fab Four

Meet the Incredible Future MAN! He is half alien and half human he can tell the future and also he so fast and super strong that he can Smash! John Cena. So how he got his powers So Incredible Future Man he was an little boy and he couldn’t find his in Auckland in Pt England so then there was. Alien's dark in at night so then they were putting this incheckshin so then he went back were he was. And then he started to know that he knew that he the Future so then started to call him Incredible.

So he had an job to save the world the highest he saved was only like 100 people the first time he saved an person was there was an person and he was crossing the road. So then walking and there was car that was going super fast so then he used his super speed and then he tackled him on  the path so that was his first day he had saved an person.

So then John the Incredible Future MAN so then his step family came to visit him but everyone  scared so then the FBI’s came. To shoot them so they shot one them so then John went very angry so then he got so evil so then he and his step family destroy U.S.A The End.

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