Friday, 23 October 2015

NZ Native Animal Report

Have you seen a Tuatara before?
I am writing about a Tuatara. They are nocturnal that means that they come out at night and look for food for them to eat and it they sleep during the day.

Tuatara are lizard-like reptiles, found only in New Zealand. developed  
spines in the crest along the neck, back and the tail and also how old it is. Is about one hundred and they they were in the world  when the dinosaurs were alive and they are still alive in New Zealand. Also what they Diet is they own eggs also insects and spiders,and frogs.

It’s Predators:
The Tuataras  predators are large birds so that means that large birds. come and hunt them to eat. If they are eaten then there will be no more tuatara in New Zealand. Also they predators is People,rats,cats and dogs also pigs have killed tuatara on the mainland and how big it can grow is sixty centimetres long.

How it behave:
Also how old it go up to is 100 because they were alive when the dinosaurs was alive that’s almost extinct from New Zealand. And how it behave is it can run very fast but they can’t run short  distances.

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