Sunday, 7 June 2015

Blindfold game

Have you played the Blindfold game before?
This morning  our literacy class played the blindfold game. Everyone sat in a large round circle and in 60 seconds and everybody got a turn to find as many safety pins as they could in a bowl with rice. But you need a blindfold to cover your face.

p2. The rules a siting in a large circle and you have to find safety pins in a little bowl and I felt so excited and you have to start in one minute and have six bowls of rice in it and with safety pins. In a semi circle with paper on the ground with bowl in top and if you. You get a prize from Miss Lavakula and I. Got three safety pins from the bowl  with rice in it.

p3. So when I was so excited to play this game in the circle Andrew was in the fort of me then I told him that if it is in his hand. Then he got 15 safety pins in one minute. Then it was my turn I couldn’t see the safety pins in the bowl of rice and the rice felt like the pins and I got four and. Wesley was telling me if it is in my hand and it was fun playing the blindfold game.

p4. So when it was Flynlay just got his hand and just got a full hand with rice and safety pins then he just throw it on the ground. Then it was funny because Flynlay keep on doing it and his goal was 15 as Andrew then I think after school they had prize from Miss Lavakula.

p5. I hope my literacy class plays it next time because it was fun because funny when Flynlay just dump the rice with the safety pins and dump it on the ground. But Andrew he just pick it up the safety pins from the rice in a little bowl.

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